There is always a chirping in your ear.  Be careful of this new thing.  Be cautious.  Don’t be scared.  But, be scared.  But not like that.

Tonight I read how I should act so that I don’t scare my children.  Really?

Then more chirping in my ear.  Tell someone.  Trust them.  Even if they lie to you and don’t know what you know.  And make sure to tell my children to trust them.  Really?

Nope.  None of it.

Thankfully God gave us several tools to get thru life.  A brain, to think for ourselves.  A heart, to care about others.  A body, to move around in.  And faith, because the brain, the heart, and the body, just aren’t enough to get thru life successfully without fear.

Faith says that God will keep us safe.  So we use our brains, we minimize risk.  We use our hearts, we think about how one thing that might affect us mildly, could harm another.  Or how one person’s mental stability is affected by all the talking of today.  We take care of our bodies the best we can.  And we have faith, because God said he will keep us safe when we know his name.

Tonight I am thankful that my attention will be given to the Healer and the Protector who is greater than any weapon.

P.S. No weapon formed against me and my family will prosper . . it’s a promise – a promise made to you and me!  That is what has my attention!



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