I am so close!  I was shooting to be in bed by 11 tonight!  Sooo Cloose!

Today was a day of big decisions.  I’m tired.  Adulting is hard.

With all of the comments and debates about the world’s health right now.  I think it is best to remember that probably about 90% of people are trying to make a good decision.  There are always those who make decisions based on ulterior motives.  But I truly think that most people are trying to make good decisions with all this.

It adds to the adulting pile of life when big decisions have to be made about normal big life stuff and also world health concerns!  Again, adulting is hard.

Tonight I am thankful that adulting isn’t hard 100% of the time!  That would be a bummer!  This just happens to be one of those times where there are a few more bumps in the mountain we are climbing.  Don’t worry, the mountain won’t go up forever . . sooner or later, we’ll see the peak and things will get easier on the way down!

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