Fun Stuff

I knew I was going to work all weekend.  This upcoming week is packed full.  I love being a Realtor. I  love helping people buy and sell their homes!  And the spring market started a little early this year – thanks to the overall lack of snow and the lower interest rates!

I also love being a real estate appraiser.  This same spring market, when I’m not representing buyers and sellers, has led to more appraisals for homes being purchased!  And these low interest rates have made people want to refinance their homes!  I believe the looming concern of being out of work for weeks for Coronavirus prevention has also increased the refinances this past week.  If you have equity in your home, interest rates are low, and you may need extra money; this may encourage people to refinance.

So I had a plan.  To stay on top of the appraisals and stay available to my clients, I was going to work all weekend.  I do love that I work from home.  So working all weekend did not mean leaving my family behind.

There was a little bit today that I was letting the lack of rest get to me.  I could feel it.  I took some deep breaths and worked on calming myself down.  Having knowledge and having a plan are good ways to minimize stress and stay calm!  You know what else helps?  Animal selfies 🙂  Ok, well having fun and smiling in general help reduce stress and stay calm!!  I was forgetting to stop and have a little fun.

Tonight I am thankful for having a plan for this week!  I am thankful that business is good right now!  I am thankful for my family being patient when I work a lot.  And I am thankful for silly animal selfies 🙂  Take time to smell the flowers and take time to take silly pictures!  Good life stuff there 🙂



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