Walk In

In a drawer in my desk I have green shamrock necklaces for the kids to wear to school so they have something green for St Patrick’s Day.  They are now unnecessary.  But, I may make the kids wear them around home anyway!  Maybe I’ll pinch them if they don’t!  Is that still a thing?  Do people still pinch people who don’t wear green on St Patrick’s Day?  I don’t know.

Here’s what I do know, amid all the stuff that won’t get used as planned this week, or the following weeks, there is a lot of stuff happening that is right.  It is right for stores to open an hour early for elderly customers who have been having a hard time getting what they need.  It is right for people to offer to help their neighbor.  It is right for people to make sure food is available.  It is right to care about one another.

I know this time in life is going to stop some in their tracks.  I know living paycheck to paycheck makes living hard when the paycheck stops.  It is right for resources to be available, it is right to offer unemployment pay.  It is right for the electric company to leave everyone’s power on whether they can pay or not.  It is right for people to care about each other.

Tonight I am thankful that this world is full of a lot more caring than people give it credit for.  When it comes down to life, and all the fluff and schedules are stripped away, we are all people; and when we show compassion and walk in love, the world sure looks like a more beautiful place!

P.S. I’ll put it out here again – if you need anything.  Please let me know!  I’m still out and about.  My job is not on hold.  And I can drop things off to anyone who needs it.



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