Lie Down

I started out today with three appraisal appointments.  The third was on a river.  It was quiet and beautiful.  I trekked down the hill to stand by the river for a few moments.  It was good for my soul ❤

That moment of peace was nice.

While driving back, I heard about the governor’s announcement.  I had my assistant call and move every available appointment I had later in the week to today.  So I came back, grabbed some files, and took off again.

Here’s the thing.  I am much less of a threat doing my job then I am when I’m trying to buy toilet paper.  I go in to houses.  Many times the houses are empty.  But when the houses have people in them, the people are leaving on all the lights, opening all the doors, and staying several feet away from me.  I’m touching a thing in the homes and I’m not close to people.  In the store I’m touching things and people are getting way too close.

Well, anyway, I ended up fitting in several more houses today.  I got back home late.  And I’m tired.  And now, it sounds like I may be a permitted profession anyway!  But, no one really knows yet.

Tonight I am thankful for a moment of peace by the water today.  The verse, “He makes me lie down . . . ” went thru my heart standing by the river.  And I am thankful that I was able to get more appointments in today; so that whatever is decided tomorrow, I’ve tried my best to serve my customers!

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