What a long day!  I am almost caught up on work.  Almost.  Just an hour or so more and I’ll be on track.

There is a bit of drama going on right now in my profession.  It is warranted drama.  The governor’s order did not clearly define real estate.  Today there was clarification given on the real estate brokerage side.  But NOT on the real estate appraisal side.  This unknown is not good.

With a clear direction, people can at least make a plan.  But, there is no clear direction yet.  Other states say appraisals are vital to financial institutions.  Honestly, what I’ve heard from some people is that they are relying on their refinance to fund their time off of work right now.  That is important to them!

But if it is all on hold, then that is what it is and people could make other plans.

Tonight I choose to be thankful for the specific direction that has been given.  And I pray that further specifics are released sooner rather than later.

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