Before all this social distancing stuff I had bought some goodies for clients.  Well I didn’t get them delivered.

And now my family has sacrificed themselves to help take care of the cases of Girl Scout cookies that I was going to pass out.  Could the cookies have been placed somewhere safe until we are allowed to be out around people again?  Well . . . maybe.  But, there are no guarantees.  I mean, what if the cookies melted or fell and broke?  I mean my family was selfless in their consumption of the cookies so they didn’t go to waste!!!

Ok, well maybe we just really like the cookies.  And maybe it seemed liked torture to stare at the cookies for who-knows-how-long while we wait out this germ-filled world.  And well, maybe we’re weak.  Ok, Ok, we are just all weak!!!  Fine!  But, Mmmm, the cookies are good!!!

Tonight I am thankful for these yummy cookies!!  Now, seriously, I need to work out because I’ve eaten a lot of cookies.  And I still need my pants to fit tomorrow!


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