Today was written on my calendar to take the kids out of the house!  I had plans of some new trails to explore.  But it doesn’t sound like we should go out exploring in new places right now.

Ok, no problem, we can make our yard an interesting place.  Hmm, I had an idea at the last minute.  I tore up 8 pieces of paper.  I wrote 4 different colors down.  And I wrote down four different adjectives.  Each kid picked a piece of paper from the number pile.  And they picked a paper from the adjective pile.  Then the kiddo had to find something that fit the color and adjective combo.  Yeh . . this was not as difficult as I had planned.  The fist kiddo got the color black and the adjective squishy.  At the kiddo’s feet was a number of black, squishy kitty cats!!

The other kiddos took them a little longer to find.

On our walk, we decided to cut across the field and in to the woods.  Full disclaimer, we do not own the field and woods.  The kiddos were concerned about trespassing.  So next time I see our farmer, I will have to tell him about our walk so my kiddos feel better!  There is nothing planted right now!  So we didn’t ruin anything!

It didn’t take long for the kiddos to get curious with things we’ve found!

Tonight I am thankful for a fun excursion in to the woods today!  And we wore out the dogg-o!  He had fun on our walk too!





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