Trying it Out

I do NOT have a green thumb.  I try.  Again and again I try.

This year I have decided to jump on the “raised bed” craze.  Except, I did not want to invest a lot in to this . . knowing that I most likely will kill the poor little plants.

So here we have an old, damaged cabinet; held together with a few extra bricks we had laying around.  Much better than spending lots of dollars!

Right next to this is a box (that is not nearly as photogenic) that I made with pieces of barn wood from the burn pile, supported with more bricks, and lined a black trash bag to prevent the dirt from falling out where the two boards meet.  I plan to build a few more out of the barn wood and bricks.  There are a few more things that I want to plant.

Tonight I am thankful for our budget friendly garden boxes.  I hope that the plants grow well and that I don’t kill the poor little plants!!  Even if I do, I’ll be thankful that we are giving this another shot!  You never know until you try!


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