There is a line from a movie that I’ve thought of lots of times.  From The Bridges of Madison County, when Francesca is telling Robert why she can’t leave with him.  “You build a life of details.  You become a mother, a wife, and you stop and stay steady so that your children can move.”  Her continuing lines are a little more sad.  But these lines have ran thru my head many times.

I know there are many times that a parent loses a big part of themselves that they miss.  I have tried for as long as I’ve been a mother to not “lose” a part of me; but to change the parts of me that needed to be better for the kiddos.  Part of that has been me staying here.

I love to travel.  And I have not given up moving around.  I just changed it.  The kiddos and I have been on many mini adventures over the years.  I have been blessed to be able to take them with me for work many times and we would make a day of it.  A park here, some trails there, for so many years that the kids don’t remember the places we’ve been.  Over the past decade and a half, I’ve had only one traveling adventure that was just for myself.  And I have been perfectly happy with this!

Now the kiddos are getting a little older.  My businesses have been growing.  And things are slowly changing.  I am finding myself where I need to learn and change at a faster rate to be ahead of this curve.  And I’ve been working on being ready, but I have a long way to go.

I was going to travel by myself this March.  Then COVID-19 came.  That trip was cancelled.  Now I’m looking at another trip.  A longer trip.  A farther away trip.  A trip that would hold a wealth of fantastic information to help me and my team members reach amazing new places.  It is exciting!  And, because I’m a mommy, there is a little hesitation.

I chatted with the hubster and he said I should go.  I haven’t told all the kiddos yet.  One kiddo knows, she was in the room while we were talking.  There is one kiddo in particular that won’t be happy.  But it’ll be good for the kiddo.  A little time away is good for kiddos to grow in.

Tonight I am thankful for a great opportunity in front of me.  I have flight vouchers from the cancelled trip.  I have a huge price reduction on the event of the trip.  Tomorrow I’ll RSVP.  And this summer I’ll go on an adventure and learn amazing new things!  And of course, I’ll bring back souvenirs for the kiddos!  This is exciting!

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