It Would Be Wrong

There are times in a relationship, especially in a marriage, when you analyze options and try to choose the best route to take with the other person.  Over the last few days, there has been little things that have been riding on my nerves.  And this morning was the last straw!

I was mad! And I let the hubster know that I was mad!  And then he got mad at me!  He could not remember what I was talking about, so he was mad that I got mad!  How maddening!!!!

He got home from work, and I had cooled off a little.  I was hoping he and I could talk.  But he was being maddening!!!  I went for a walk.  Because it would be wrong to shake him until his senses returned . . I think . . . yes. . .   Yes, I’m sure that would have been the wrong thing to do.

I did some praying instead.  I did not want to fight.  I had a list of things to do and fighting was not on that list.  I wanted a pleasant evening.  Why couldn’t he just be logical??  Ok, I reeled that thought in.  I can’t make him be logical.

I am still thankful, all these years later, for a book I read two decades ago called “Boundaries in Marriage”.  I can’t change him.  But I can change how I react.  I did some more praying.

I came back inside from my walk.  The hubster had cooled off a little too.  We had a good talk.  And I didn’t have to shake him!

Tonight I am thankful for prayer in marriage.  I am thankful that God cares about us all the time.  I am thankful for that book I read years ago, and the wisdom in it that has stuck with me.  And I’m thankful that I didn’t have to shake the hubster . . I mean, he is heavier than me, and my wrist is still healing . . . it probably wouldn’t have solved anything anyway.


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