This morning a Facebook memory popped up that it was two years ago today that I had Mr Taco after it reopened!  It was a great memory to see!

I hadn’t even put two and two together at that point.  But, I was showing a house to a client not far from Mr Taco!!!  I drove that way home and it was OPEN!!!  There was a line.  I normally would have kept driving with the size of the line.  Seeing as it was my Mr Taco anniversary, I pulled in.  I texted home to see if the kiddos wanted Mr Taco also!

Tonight I am thankful that I got to eat Yummy Mr Taco for lunch today!  I actually over-ate by an entire burrito!  My tummy was so full and happy!  Three out of four kiddos enjoyed the Mr Taco food too!!  The fourth kid is extremely picky . . so don’t judge the food by him! 🙂


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