This wasn’t the typical Memorial Day.  I usually “work” on Memorial Day at the parade, or last year having a real estate booth and giving out balloons.  After the parade we have gone out for ice cream, or a lunch with the family.

We still wanted today to have some fun.  So we had an ice cream bar!  Yum!  Afterwards, we surprised the kids with Rocket Copters that we had picked up from Lowe’s a couple weeks ago.  They light up (red, white, and blue) and make a firework kind-of noise when you sling shot them in to the air!  Those were fun!

Tonight I am thankful first for all those who gave their lives so we can be free.  Memorial Day is not just for parades and food.  I do know this.  I am also thankful for fun with the family today.  We remember those lives lost and celebrate the freedom that they fought for!



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