Over the weekend I downloaded a “couch to 5k” app.  I haven’t started yet.  Myself, a former runner, have fought the “couch to 5k” idea for some time.  But, I recognized that I was not getting anywhere to my goal of running a 5k with my son this year.

Running used to be so easy.  I had my knee injury.  I worked really hard to run again.  Then I didn’t keep it up.  Something that once was so easy, is now hard.  And I couldn’t find my motivation.  Try-fail.  Try-fail.  Try-fail.  This is life.  The important thing is that a person does not give up!

So now I took the first step.  There is a plan.  Bam, I was so proud to even admit that I needed help!  Yay!  Go Me!

Then this morning, I had my alarm set for 5:30.  I hit snooze for a bit.  I was tired!  I came out to my desk and checked email.  I saw something out the window out of the corner of my eye!!  Ah!  Someone was out there!!  My son got up with my alarm at 5:30 and went outside running!!!  Eh.  He’s showing me up!

Tonight I am thankful for renewed motivation to run again!  But seriously, not 5:30am thru wet grass.  If I want to hit this goal, I’ve got to make a plan that will work for me!  I learned some time ago that I am not first-thing-in-the-morning runner!  But I will use my son running in the morning as motivation for sure!


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