Twilight Zone

Oh, my poor hubster.  He was so unprepared!  We ran to Dollar General to grab a few things and there was a banner, “Clearance Event”!  I was so excited!  I LOVE when they are half-off clearance prices!!!

He half-smiled at his thrifty wife.  But, he wasn’t sure what to think when I filled up the first shopping cart with discount cat food . . Oh yes, I said the First shopping cart!  We were on to Shopping Cart number 2 in minutes!

At the check-out, the cashier was impressed with our savings!  As was I!  The hubster looked like he had stepped in to the Twilight Zone!

Tonight I am thankful for some big savings today at Dollar General!!  Earlier today I had stopped at Aldi’s!  I always save money there!  Yay for saving money!!

And yes, I had a photo shoot with my receipt . . because, if you save a lot of money . . why not?  🙂


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