I was so excited this morning!  I was showing a house that looked like it could be “the one” for a friend/client!

I had everything ready!

I double checked google maps, so I could leave with plenty of time!  I forgot to double-check that google maps had my address correct.  See, there is another house with my address.  Only the end of the address street/road/etc is different.

So I was a little shocked when I pulled out of the driveway, clicked the address saved in to my calendar, and found I actually needed five more minutes than I had planned on.  No big deal . . I could handle that.  Then there was road construction, three separate vehicles going 10 to 15 miles per hour LESS than the posted speed limit in No Passing zones, and a train.  Yes, a train.  Over 100 car!!!  Ok, then I was in the clear.  I was following the google map instructions and it took me to the Wrong Place!!

Ugh.  10 minutes late.

My friend/client was thankfully understanding!  She had been enjoying the peaceful morning and the deer grazing quietly 🙂

Unfortunately the house was not as great as they had made it.  It was not “the house”.  But, the search will continue!!

Tonight I am thankful for a job where I get to interact with great people that I enjoy! I  am thankful for understanding that finding the best house takes some time.  And I am super, super, super thankful for understanding when I am late despite my best intentions of being early!

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