Yesterday evening I was playing with my kiddos.  There was an accident.  I fell out of a moving vehicle in the yard and landed on my head.  It must have looked fairly traumatic because the one kiddo who was a witness was quite scared for me.

Fortunately I have a very hard head.  Go ahead with the jokes, yes I’ve heard them 😉  Seriously though, I have a hard head.  I once fell off a ladder, almost to the second story of a barn and landed with my head on a concrete step.  I remember standing up, looking at where I just landed, and thinking, “hmm, that should have hurt more”.

Twenty five-ish years after that fall and it’s still pretty much the same.  I took some ibuprofen last night and some this morning.  Besides a headache that can easily be chased away with some over the counter stuff, I am good.  My neck is a bit sore.  Eh, I’m good.

Tonight I am thankful for this hard head of mine!  🙂  It sure has came in handy since I tend to be a little bit of an accident-prone individual!

Here is an incredibly accurate picture of the incident, drawn by the eye witness!!


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