Oh my morning plans had a slight hiccup!!

There is a house closing that is supposed to happen this Friday and a legal description mismatch was causing a problem!!  I was looking at title work and could definitely see the discrepancy.  Yep, it was right there.

It took at least a half hour before I actually read what the legal description was saying.  And then, a light bulb went off . .  I think it went off directly over my head, just like in the cartoons!!  The discrepancy was not actually describing the house parcel!  Oh Boy!  This might be the way out of this without correcting decades of documents!!

A wonderfully fantastic group of people all worked together, checking facts and documents and legal stuff.

And tonight I am thankful that this story has a happy ending!!!  The closing can be scheduled.  The discrepancy can be resolved, without contacting every available past owner of this property since the 80’s!  Whew!!!  My client deserves the absolute happiest of endings with this house story!  And it’s coming!  🙂   ❤

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