Two Years

We had looked for weeks and weeks for a puppy.  We wanted a mutt.  We looked at shelters.  By the time we were approved at a shelter, the puppy we wanted was gone.  By the way, I am approved at several shelters if it ever matters.

Then finally, one day, I saw an add for puppies.  Just plain ole’ puppies that needed a home.  We talked to the guy, and left right away.  We drove an hour and a half away, down a dirt road, dead-end street, and ended at a regular ole’ house with regular ole’ mutt puppies.  Perfect!!!

We picked our puppy and were on our way back home.

Now it has been two years with our silly over-grown puppy ❤  His selfie game is either perfectly on point . . or . . well, see below for the missing part of his face photo.

Tonight I am thankful that after all the searching for the perfect puppy two years ago, we found our sweet boy who has fit in perfectly at our house!



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