Last year we got all the barn kitties fixed up to prevent more babies.  That is all, but one kitty who was a little to young.

Not a big deal, I was going to take her in at the beginning of this year.

Enter COVID-19.  In retrospect I could have taken her to the regular vet’s office.  But I was taking the barn kitties in to the spay/neuter clinic.  And they were closed due to COVID.

A few weeks ago we were blessed with four cute, cuddle kittens.

Tonight the kitty-Momma named Burrito decided it was time to move the kittens up by the house.  I could hear the little cries outside my window.  So with a kiddo helper, we set up a temporary kitten house up by the people house.  Now I keep listening to hear if everyone is ok!

Tonight I am thankful for cute, cuddly kittens!  And I am thankful for a momma cat that trust  us humans to help with her babies!  ❤



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