Right This Time

About two years ago I tried an extended fast for the first time.  I did not do enough research.  And I did hurt my body.  I have since done more research.

Since then I have done intermittent fasting off and on.  That has went well.

Starting about two weeks ago I found a group of Alternate Day Fasting – fasting for around 42 hours, and eating for around six hours.  I am liking this!

I have learned, over time, that my body really does not need a lot of food to run properly.  I enjoy eating, so believe me; this discovery was not altogether a happy observation.

I have a big birthday coming up this year.  And I have a goal of Health for myself!

In the past I have lost weight pretty well with a Keto diet.  Unfortunately, I like carbs a bit too much to have Keto be a way of life.  I tried it.  I really did.  But, yep, I like carbs.  And not eating them for the rest of my life is just not something that I am going to commit myself to.

Fasting is something I could do for life.  Like now, I haven’t eaten in over 24 hours, and I am really not hungry.  My taste buds miss food.  But my body doesn’t.  When I do eat, I’ve been trying half-heartedly to keep my carb intake lower.  That will be a challenge for ever.  I just like carbs.  But at least with the fasting, it doesn’t seem to be hurting me quite so badly!

Tonight I am thankful for finding intermittent fasting and alternate day fasting.  I don’t see myself trying more than a couple days of fasting again.  I know some people rock the 5+ day fasts.  And that is great for them!  But, I think I’ve found my groove for now!

Tonight I am also thankful that my birthday in a few months will be featuring a more healthy me!  Even better, a healthier me, with a plan to stay that way!  Ever since an accident a few years ago, I’ve yo-yo’d with health and weight and I’m tired of it!  I am so excited to find something sustainable that could keep me healthy without feeling like I’m being mean to myself!



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