The hubster’s birthday is very close to Father’s Day.  This makes it easier to get him one big present.  We don’t do that every year.  But this year, I knew what I wanted to get him!

I did my research online.  I had one item picked out!  It had excellent ratings!  Then I went to buy it.  $200 delivery fee, as the only option available was their “white glove” service.  Um . . I didn’t want that.  So I certainly wasn’t going to pay $200 for it!

I kept looking.  I found a good second choice.  Once again, excellent reviews!  And less than half the price of the first one!  Woo Hoo!!

I placed the order.  And I was given a two week time frame of when the item might arrive.  I checked the shipping information just a couple of days ago to see if their was an update.  It said “before July 8″th.  Well . . that gave me some time.

I pulled in to my driveway today, and there was the item!  Sitting in a cardboard box in the driveway, in the RAIN!  AHH!  Fortunately it was not wet at all.  And when the hubster got home today, he got his present. 🙂  He was surprised!  And he loved it!

Tonight I am thankful for surprising the hubster for his birthday and Father’s Day.  If you ask him, he says he doesn’t like surprises.  But, I think the only surprise he hasn’t liked from me was when I put strawberry jelly on a grilled cheese sandwich – seriously, it’s delicious! 🙂

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