“Just because something is a good idea, doesn’t mean it is a good idea for you”  Dave Ramsey.

Ok, probably a lot of other people have said this too.  And I am working on remember this.  I love ideas.  I have many ideas.  I have enough ideas for probably 500 people!  But, a lot of them turn out to be not good.  And a lot of them turn out to be not good for me.  I’ve been working on this!

Research is good.  Logic is good.  Emotions get in the way here. I  am good at getting really excited about ideas!  But when the excitement wears off, I end with an idea I have to follow thru on, that I shouldn’t have pursued in the first place.

Tonight I sent an email ending the pursuit of a really, really good idea . . that really isn’t good for me right now.  I feel like I should get a gold sticker for being a grown up!  Or maybe at least some ice cream!  Maybe I’ll get myself an ice cream cone tomorrow 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for wisdom.  Another Dave Ramey-ism, “don’t be so smart that you forget to be wise”.  Some ideas are definitely smart!  The numbers look good, the plans look good . . but it wouldn’t be wise for me.  My attention is needed elsewhere.  Look at me being all grown-up and stuff!  Now, where’s my ice cream!?

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