Big things

Several weeks ago I was trying very hard not to get overwhelmed.  I told my Mom that I just needed less big things to be happening!  I mean life gets filled with lots of things.  And sometimes life gets some big things to come along.  But this was multiple big life things coming at me all at once.

The really good thing, that I am optimistically starting to remember sooner rather than later, is that God is always there to carry us thru life’s stuff.  I am very proud to announce that more than half of the big life things are wrapping up!  Next week should wrap another big life thing, and the couple other things should wrap up in the next few weeks!  Woo Hoo!

When trying to carry the weight of the world, it is good to remember that God made the world!  And he has promised to be able to carry it for us.  I went back and forth thru these times of big things; taking on the worry of getting things done, and remembering to pray and give it to God.  Then I would start to think again.  The think would turn in to concern.  The concern would turn in to worry or just plain ole’ stress.  Definitely a good exercise in faith!

Tonight I am thankful that the big things list is getting smaller and smaller!  And I will keep on always trying to remember that whether it is a big thing or a small thing, God is there with us always ❤

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