One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do is go Skydiving!!!  I’ve also promised the hubster that I wouldn’t go.

Ten years ago now, the hubster made a smart move.  I had decided that I wanted to go Skydiving!  If the hubster would have said “no”, I would have been out the door and boarding an airplane.  He had learned this about me.  So he made the wise choice of saying “please don’t go”.  He is truly scared of me splattering.  Ten years ago, I went parasailing instead of skydiving.  He was ok with that.  If anything went wrong, I had a good chance of surviving in a lake.

On the list of things to do after COVID-19, is definitely indoor skydiving simulation!  But for now, Facebook Messenger came out with a Skydiving Filter!  I love it!  I did the video, and it does make you fall without opening your chute . . . But I’m willing to overlook that part!

Tonight I am thankful for some fun with a filter!  I’ve promised not to actually go skydiving.  I’ve never promised not to pretend to go skydiving!!




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