When we arrived at the lake today there was a whole crowd there!!!  They looked like they had the potential to be a rowdy group.  But, they kept to themselves.

They did move down along the beach line . . I mean, a little rude while others are there too.  But, they did look to make sure they weren’t in the way of other lake visitors. 🙂

Really, they were fun to watch today.  They were very polite geese.  A little boy, maybe about 3 years old, ran up to play with them.  They all jumped in the water until the boy’s dad called him back.  They knew he wasn’t a threat.  They didn’t try to go after him.

My kiddos went in and out of the water around the geese.  And they didn’t care about that either.

Tonight I am thankful for a pleasant group of geese with good lake manners to provide extra entertainment at the lake today!



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