The Why

I am part of an advisory group of business owners that chats once a month.  These people are in different industries, with different business sizes, located across the country.  It is always filled with great discussion and perspective!

Today one man was asking for ideas, as he struggled with being over-worked as his business is growing quickly.  And the discussion went back to remembering your “why” of doing what you do.  It helped the man today, with deciding what tasks to keep for himself and which tasks to get help with.

One thing that I have been thankful for is knowing my “why” of my business.  My kiddos.  When I started the appraisal business, there was no way it could fail.  I was going to find a way to be able to stay home with the kids.  This was it.  And it didn’t matter how much I had to work, or how many times I failed; I was going to stop at nothing to make this business work, so that I could work from home and raise my babies.

I still enjoy the appraisal business.  But I wanted to help people more directly and impactfully.  That is when I started the real estate brokerage.  The kids are growing up.  They will always be my biggest “why” of what I do!!  But, I needed to expand my “why” to include something more for me.  And helping people with their homes is perfect for me.  Helping people is the “why” of this business.

Helping people, that is also the “why” of our monthly publication also.  Dansville Days has grown at a remarkable rate!  It is undergoing changes, rather slowly, to reach more people and brighten their day!  We like to share positive things and let people know where resources are in the community to help with a variety of life things.

Some days life gets busy.  Some days I get tired.  Some days things get blurry.

Tonight I am thankful for today’s reminder to never forget the “why” behind what we are doing!  The why will carry you thru the hard days, and you’ll find a reason to fight on!

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