Off the Path

I am working on re-prioritizing.  It needs to be done.

Working hard is fine.  But the whole catch phrase is “work hard/play hard”.  Or sometimes relax and rest should be in there.  I haven’t been doing that too much.  And I’ve noticed the effects of that.  Nothing gets my best when I’m not at my best.  Work not getting my best is not cool, but I can forgive myself of that.  Kiddos not getting my best puts little slashes in my Momma-Heart and I see what it does to them.  And me not giving myself enough rest to see my best is less than encouraging.

I have a little pile of work that I have to dig myself out from under.  I was reminded today that my second quarter accounting is behind.  Other stuff . . bleh.

So not tomorrow, but this weekend, I will take some time to make a plan.  I removed my work boundaries temporarily to reach a short term goal.  And it is time to put those boundaries back in place and fix what’s going on here.

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to get back on the right path.  If you ask my family, I’m sure they would say that it’s about time!  I’ll be there soon.

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