Worth It!

Do you see that picture there?  Do you see it??  It’s ME!!!

Today was the first time ever, in my entire life, that I went tubing!!

If it looks like I’m having a struggle . . well . . turns out I don’t have all the wrist strength back from my fracture.  And I was just too stubborn to let go and fall in to the water.  I’d waited for my entire life to go tubing!  I wasn’t going to just let go!!  Now I have my brace back on . . .

The hubster had today off of work.  He had fun today!  The kiddos had lots of fun today!  We had rented the boat and the tube weeks ago.  And I prayed for good weather as we got closer and closer to today!  It was a great day!

Today I am thankful for a fun family day on the lake today!!  It was wonderful!  We are all a little burnt and a little tired now.  And it was totally worth it!


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