I am starting to fall back in love with our patio!  We had to take up all the beautiful brick-pavers a couple years ago to do some regrading away from the house.  We’ve done a little out there since.  But, it just wasn’t the same.

My parents had bought a gazebo before they moved last summer.  After they moved, they discovered they didn’t really have a good place for the gazebo at their new home.  So we bought it off them.  We were going to put it out farther in the yard.  But the hubster had the idea to put it up by the house.  Honestly, I wasn’t sold on the idea.  Today the hubster and a kiddo built the gazebo and I LOVE IT!  It looks so great!

Tonight I am thankful for the difference this gazebo makes on the patio!  It is wonderful!  I will be out in this area much more now!


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