Online School

There are moments as a parent when I follow the advice of the wise rabbit, Thumper in Bambi, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all . . ”

This morning a kiddo was doing online school in a chair.  My laptop was in their lap . . resting in their lap . . just sitting there . . and a cat (who has been pushing her luck around here lately) jumped up to be in the kiddo’s lap and knocked the laptop to the ground.

I heard the crash and turned around to see the laptop laying there in pieces.  I tried to put it back together (and I’m fairly handy as an entry-level tech person) but could not fix it.  The pieces are too broken.  I had to turn away and calm myself down . . for several minutes.

So, tonight I am going to be thankful that this was my oldest computer that broke.  When thinking of dead and disabled electronics, this could have been a worse situation.  I am thankful that when I first bought this laptop, I bought it on clearance . . from a store that hasn’t been in operation in over a year . .   Yeah, this laptop had a good life and helped with a lot of things.

I am also thankful that we are blessed to have alternatives so that school doesn’t stop when a cat breaks a laptop.

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