The hubster and I’s doctor left his practice in February.  We had received a notice some time before that, that he was leaving and we should find a new doctor.  We didn’t . . Then COVID . . Oops!

I am a pretty healthy person, aside from my klutz-induced injuries.  But, the hubster has some medicines that are very important to take regularly.  Today was the day for us to meet the new doctor.  My appointment was first.

Tonight I am thankful that our new doctor seems great!  I enjoyed talked with him.  And I think he is going to be a good fit!  Hooray!  One less thing on the to-do list and one less thing to stress about getting done before the hubster ran out of medicine!

P.S.  Don’t use an online thesaurus for the word “klutz” if you are truly a klutz, like myself.  Some of the suggestions were not flattering . . I think the internet just tried to insult me! 😉

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