School Recap

This was our first week of virtual schooling.

Here’s the recap:

1) This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for my kiddos who do not sit still well.  Problems sitting at a desk for long periods of time?  Not a problem at home!  I saw a kiddo sitting sideways in the recliner, laying belly down on the picnic table, walking around the patio; all while “at school” on their tablets!  They paid more attention this way than they normally do!

2) We had to re-iterate several times that this is school!  And just like school in person, there’ll be no playing video games in between classes or on lunch.  The xbox beckoned to them like those shiny quarter machines do to myself at the casino!

3) My old dog, who is going deaf and blind, does NOT understand any of this.  The different voices all day long throughout the house made her bark like crazy.  Hopefully she figures this out soon because my stash of ibuprofen and peppermint oil for headaches took a hit this week!

4) Upgrading the wi-fi was a great investment.  I saw a post from another parent and ordered an Eero system.  The kids have great signal throughout the house and outside.  And I can turn devices on and off from an app on my phone.  Fantastic!

and 5) The kids like sleeping in!  They are now waking up when they used to be starting their first class.  And as I have 3.95 teenagers in the house, waking up early is not on their priority list.  So they are enjoying this!

Tonight I am thankful that the first week of virtual school was good!  I do know that there are kiddos out there who did not like it as much as my kiddos.  But, in this house (aside from the non-stop, random barking from the old lady-dog) we give it two-thumbs up!



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