Do you ever give yourself a stern talking to?  Well, I do!

Yes, not only do I talk to myself, I reprimand myself!

See, I had this great goal to give myself a great birthday present by being a healthier person!  The past several weeks I have not been staying on course.  I haven’t been sleeping enough.  And when I don’t sleep enough then I don’t eat well.  And I drink more caffeine.  And I don’t exercise as much.  Sleep seems to really be a key thing for me.

Sometimes I cut back on sleep to “get more done”.  Even though I know that this doesn’t work.  I end up being so tired that I work slower and end up not near as productive as I could be.

This past week I gave myself a chance to make better choices.  I did not do very well with that.  So, I gave myself the stern talking to!  This is it!  This week I WILL sleep better . . or else I may have to ground myself . .

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to put myself back on track!  Geesh I am a handful!!   Maybe my mother was right . . 😉

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