Chop, Chop

When I got home, I walked in to my house, to find my teenager had cut his hair.  That was a surprise!  He needed a little trimming around the edges, but it looked ok.

Then he went in to the bathroom to trim up himself.  I sent the nearest kiddo to go in to help him.  A couple minutes later the helper-kiddo came out.  About a minute after that, I heard MOOOM.  I dragged my feet.  I didn’t want to know what I was going to find.

Well, yes, he had cut more hair off, a wee bit shorter than he originally planned.

So tonight we’ll be thankful that hair grows back.  We’ll be thankful that it is summer, so his head won’t get too cold!  And we’ll be thankful that this is how the boy will learn to cut his own hair! 🙂

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