A Little Messy

I have always liked taking pictures.  When I was a kid I used to use my allowance to buy more 110 film for my camera.

With fantastic digital cameras and cell phones, I have been known to pull off the side of the road to take a picture.  I’ll be honest, for this picture I only grabbed my phone and snapped a quick pic while slowing down.  I didn’t see how great it would look until I was right up on this scene.  So it’s not perfect.  I didn’t have my window rolled down.  I didn’t lean over to get my camera out the window all the way.  But, I think it is still a good picture.

Just like life 🙂  My life is usually messy, but good.  I notice things at the last minute sometimes.  I don’t slow down enough.  And I don’t get all the details perfect.

Tonight I am thankful for a little messy picture tonight, and a little messy life.  ❤  The best parts of life are the parts that are right there in front of you, hiding in the mess; just waiting to be appreciated ❤



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