Do you see this phone?  This phone right here?  It is a traitor!

I trusted this phone!  This stupidly expensive piece of plastic carried with it a lot of very important information and I relied on it!

Then today, it stopped.  It just stopped working!  No power at all.  No little lights.  No noises.  Nothing.  It was just done.

So although it totally threw off my morning, making me an hour late for my first appointment, and had me fighting back tears on a Monday morning; tonight I am thankful that this phone died AFTER my son texted me that he was done with practice this morning so I was able to go pick him up.  I am thankful that my phone died while I was at home and not out on appointments.  I am thankful that I have my crappier old phone with all it’s broken pieces that still work to get me thru until a new phone comes!  I am thankful that a new phone will be here by tomorrow night (and free, still under warranty)!  And I am thankful that this really isn’t as big as it feels.  I am thankful that in the grand scheme of things, one stupid little phone on just one morning doesn’t really add up to anything of any importance.


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