0 Days Free

It’s been a solid five months since I’ve went to Urgent Care!  And a solid 30 days since I’ve injured myself to the point of needing to have hours of recovery time.

I think I need one of those signs, “Accident Free for ___ Days”.  Maybe I need to reward myself for the days when I don’t hurt me!

I was on the fence about needing medical attention today.  I knew I didn’t need stitches.  But I lost a fair amount of blood.  Unfortunately, when all this happened to my arm (and other body parts, but my arm was the worst) I was in the middle of something.  So I kept going to finish up my task.  That is when I lost the most blood.  After that, my hand kept feeling cold.  That concerned me.

Tonight I am thankful that my hand seems to be working properly! It is now maintaining a constant, comfortable temperature!  There appears to be no other issues.  No trips to Urgent Care for me tonight!  Woo Hoo!


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