Today was the day!  We woke up early and headed to the airport.  It seemed a little silly, since I was only in the air around 20-25 minutes!  But, it worked to go out and drive a car back home!  And it was cheaper than having the car transported . . and faster!

My flight got in early.  My ride, the car salesman, was already there waiting.  We had a nice chat on the way to the dealership.  We pulled in, and there was my car, all ready and waiting!

The sun came out for the drive home!  Road construction didn’t slow me up much.  Traffic was good.

Tonight I am thankful for a blessed trip today to pick up my new-to-me car!  7 years old and under 20,000 miles, in like new condition and a smooth, peppy ride home!  Wonderful!

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