A Hole

This week held a great Ah-Ha moment for me.  I have been trying to get a ridiculously busy work schedule under control on the appraisal side of my business.  Interest rates being so low are keeping my email dinging like crazy with new appraisal orders.

At first I rolled with it.  It got busier and busier, but surely it would slow down!  It didn’t.  July was 35% busier than July of last year.  And July of last year was BUSY!  So I made a decision a couple of weeks ago to slow down.  And I was being extra intentional to make this happen.

But it didn’t seem to be happening.  Then a few days ago I figured out there was a hole in my system.  Up until a couple of years ago my file system was all in paper, on my desk.  It was easy to tell when I was getting too busy because my pile was getting too big!  My system moved to online and improved dramatically!  And it has worked wonderfully!  Except with this wave of crazy business time!

Tonight I am thankful that there is always room to improve!  We have implemented a change in procedure to hopefully really allow me to slow things down a bit!  Being intentional is always good!  Being intentional and regularly analyzing systems to find out what isn’t working is beyond good in this case!

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