It seems that every Monday I start off with such great intentions! I have my intermittent fasting planned out. I have my low carb menu planned out. And I have dreams of eight hours of sleep.

It seems that almost every Wednesday/Thursday, I’ve shortened my intermittent fasting hours a bit and am eating more carbs. Then by the weekend, I feel like I’ve fallen off my plan entirely.

Some week this makes me feel bad. Today I started to feel bad about it. But then I stopped. And I thought about everything else going on in life right now. I thought about how I’m making progress on getting some things back under control, or at least with a workable plan. I thought about my kiddos that I’ve been able to help with school and life. I thought about the hubster and how we still manage to carve out some moments of every day to talk. I thought about our animals and how they know they are loved. I thought about a lot of other things in life. And I thought about good it is that every Monday starts with good resolve. Think of how different it would be if I didn’t have the Monday resolve!

Tonight I am thankful for Monday resolves (even though today is Tuesday!). Without a renewed resolve, there would be no forward motion at all! At least with two steps forward and one step back; there is at least forward motion!

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