I was trying for a selfie today and got this little gem on my phone. I almost deleted it right away. I mean, look at it . . it should be deleted.

But then, I thought I would showcase it.

This is me. I am far from perfect. I’ll bet you are far from perfect too. And that’s ok.

Here’s a really neat thing about life. You’ll make mistakes. You’ll take wrong turns. You’ll mess things up really big. And you’ll still be loved. Even when it feels like no one loves you, you’ll still be loved. You were made with a purpose, with a plan, and with love.

Tonight I am thankful that we are all a little messy. I’m thankful that although we are all a little messy, we are all a lot loved. The day just looks different when you remember that part first and above any of the events of the day ❤

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