This month was the official change of our monthly publication from Dansville Days to Country Chronicles!

This started as a piece of paper! Seriously, one piece of paper to show what was happening at a community center. The community center was forced to close. But my wonderful associate and I decided to keep going with our one little piece of paper.

Then we added another page. Then we added more pages. Then we started printing in color. Then we added more pages! Months ago it was obvious that we had to either grow or go away. So we decided to grow. We started making plans to branch out. And soon after that decision, it was obvious that neighboring communities were starting to notice us!

My wonderful associate went to meet with the neighboring community. They loved us! But, they weren’t sure about our name . . We could tell them, no problem, we had plans to expand. And that included changing our name.

Tonight I am thankful that Dansville Days has been so well received! I am thankful that Country Chronicles will have room for us to continue to grow! I am super thankful for my wonderful associate! We absolutely would not be where we are now without her! And I am thankful for our new associates who are joining our mission to provide the community with good things to read once a month!

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