I was so excited this week! The hubster’s anniversary present came in early!!

I told him it was here and I was so excited! I may have offered to show it to him early. Well tonight he asked if he could see it. I took pity on the boy because realistically speaking (not ego or anything) I am simply a better gift buyer than him. We both can acknowledge this fact.
He knew I was excited to give him the present. And he wanted to know what kind of gift was being given. It happens. We all know this is a thing.

Ok, but I was just excited about it anyway! We called the kiddos in and took a vote! And he got to open his present!

Tonight I am thankful that the hubster liked his present! He now owns land in Scotland! He now has the title of “Lord”, as a land owner in Glencoe Wood, Scotland!

*Now he is talking about traveling to Scotland to see his land. The company I bought the land from provides tours right to the owned plot of land. I honestly didn’t think this would tempt the boy in to wanting to travel internationally – which he was previously against. But yes, this piece of land present will some day turn in to trip to Scotland!

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