This morning I was got up early. I was going to get caught up / ahead on work for the upcoming week. All the efforts to get things in a manageable workflow are working . . . slowly. A little too slowly for my taste. But I’ll be thankful things are improving.

Anyway, it was one of those mornings where I wanted to do anything except what I woke up to do. So I planned dinners for this week and what each person in the family would be making on which day. I ordered a Shipt shopper to get the groceries for the week. (I do enjoy grocery shopping and deal finding. But the Shipt shopper sure comes in handy when there is lots to get done!) Dishes were going in the dishwasher and clothes were going in the washing machine when my family woke up. I gotta tell ya, it felt much better than working on “work”!

Tonight I am thankful for an early morning taking care of household stuff for my family. ❤ It made my heart happy!

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