For years the hubster encouraged me to open a real estate brokerage. Off and on for years, my broker/appraiser friend talked about the idea of having a brokerage in collaboration with his. I thought they were both crazy. I did NOT want any additional responsibilities. Between my appraisal business taking time away from the family and all of my other millions of ideas; I did not want to take anything else on.

I can tell you the moment when that all changed. It was when my “Why” of business changed.

For years, the appraisal business was enjoyable. But not deeply meaningful on a personal level. My “why” of that business was to stay home with my kiddos. And that business served it’s purpose wonderfully! But the kiddos keep on growing. And while they were at school, I was just doing “work” with no soul. I do find the work itself to be interesting. But it is not rewarding. People only talk to appraisers about their work when they want to complain. That is the nature of the business.

I was reading a thread online of appraisers that were nearing retirement age. They were so unhappy. And they were not prepared to retire. And I didn’t want to end up like that. I had sold real estate to friends and family for several years at that point. I loved helping them and seeing their dreams come true! And I wanted to do more work that truly mattered!

So I took the leap. And now tomorrow, September 22nd, is Ethos Real Estate West’s FIVE Year Anniversary!

Tonight I am thankful for a fantastic five years! I am thankful for a wonderful team of people who truly care about others with integrity and compassion! And I am thankful for the people who have trusted us to help them with their homes!! It has been a great five years and I am very excited to see where our road will lead in years to come!

Check out our celebration video!!

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