No Real Pants Needed!

We have very spoiled barn cats. They get fed VERY well. Well, we pretty much bribe them with food. If we want them to stay away from cars, we throw food. Sometimes, when we run out of cat food, the barn cats get dog food instead.

Last night, after I was already in my comfy pants, we discovered that we were out of cat food! AND we were out of dog food! AND, I did not want to put on real pants!

I looked around the house and there were a few other things we needed. So I ordered a Shipt shopper!

I know I’ve been thankful for Shipt shoppers before for food.

But today I am thankful for Shipt shoppers for cat and dog food! She came to the rescue last night! And she loved our barn kitties! The kitties and puppies are thankful for the Shipt shopper too!

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