Prayers with a Stranger

Today I had to go to an abandoned house for an appraisal. I had been warned that it was in bad shape. The front door was unlocked, the house was full of mold, the ceiling was falling in. Nothing too out of the ordinary for some houses I go to. I took a few steps in, and the floor did not see very stable. I looked around, and it was obvious there had been looters in the house at some point. With the floor being unsafe, I turned and went outside.

As I walked around the property, there was more evidence that people had been there recently. It looked as if someone had been staying in an open barn area. I went around as quickly as possible, as it was not the most safe feeling property.

As I got back around to the front of the house, a lady was walking her dog down the road. She asked how I was doing. I told her I was fine and that I was appraising the property. We chatted for awhile. She confirmed there had been several different people breaking in to that house.

When our conversation was wrapping up, she asked me if she could pray for me. She asked if there was anything specific that I’d like her to pray for with me. I have to say, I’m not sure if I’ve ever had that happen before. She was very kind.

Tonight I am thankful for prayers with a stranger in a driveway of a crappy old home today. It was a great reminder that there are people out there who do care about others!

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