Too Much Information??

Well, now that I’m the big 4-0, the doctors think that the top half of me should get checked out in a giant metal box. They think smashing my body to see the insides of it would be a great idea. In other words, they scheduled me to have a mammogram. It was supposed to be 8:30 this morning.

Late yesterday afternoon I got a phone call. The machine was down! Yay!!

Now, yes, I fully understand the importance of getting the ladies thoroughly checked out. And I intend on doing so. I had mentally prepared myself for the first of many future tests that would involve making the daily “boob-jail” feel like an exotic spa.

But tonight I am thankful that I didn’t have to do it today!!!! I am re-scheduled. Please no lectures on how this is important. I do understand. But if I had to pick between today and a couple weeks . . . I’m picking a couple weeks from now!!

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