Last school year I had a kiddo in the school’s grade where they take a big class trip to Washington DC. In our house the kiddo has a choice, they can fundraise for their cost to go; and I would pay for myself as a chaperone. Or they can stay home from school for the three days that their class is gone from school on the trip. If they stay home they have to pick a project to do for at least two of the days. And on the third day, we do a day of fun.

Then there was Covid. The kids weren’t in school. There was no trip. And my kiddo has been waiting patiently for her planned day of fun. She wanted acrylic nails. I know the salons have been open for awhile. Today we finally went.

The kiddo has been looking at all the different nails online. She picked her favorite, changed her mind, and picked a new favorite. She tried to talk her sister in to acrylics to no avail. And she really wanted me to try nails too. I haven’t had acrylic nails (unless I’m forgetting something, which is possible) since I was married, 19 years ago!

Tonight I am thankful for a fun night with my girls! Two sets of acrylic nails and one set of gel nails was our order tonight! We tried a new nail place and were very pleased! Everyone is happy with their new, shiny nails!!

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